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The art of nude photography is unique. It is built upon layers of human experience. This is a moment where one leaps into the unknown with hopes of finding one-self through others.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

A beginning.

This is the new off-shoot of ninjaphoto into the world of nude photography.  My name is Kenji.  And it's probably a good thing I'm a ninja.  This is a beginning.  I hope to further unleash my works to the world and to open new doors through this venture.  Stay tuned and see what happens.

My inspirations are -

Pascal Baetens - (

"My advice:

- technique is a language: the better your technical skills, the more refined you can make images

- language is nothing without message: technique is only valuable in function of an image: search for content, then translate into technical choices

- to find content: look into your heart, into your feelings, fears, hopes and wishes.

- be always respectful to whom you work with

- keep smiling!

Kind regards,


Veronique Vial -

Steve Lenz -

London Lunoux -

Lauren Bentley -

Lara Jade -

Michelle Black

Marie Saturn -

Thank you for viewing and stay in touch.

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